Finalising the Design, Content and Code

The WAL App is in the last stages of design, content arrangement and coding. It has been a great journey to this point, and I am looking forward to your response to the App which will soon be live.

In the meanwhile, I want to say thank you to the many that helped to this point:

  • thank you to Althea Greenan for her contributions and support
  • thank you to the artists (which will be named after we go live with the WAL App) for their contributions and participation
  • thank you to the Women’s Art Library, Goldsmiths Public Engagement Grants and the CIG Research Funds that provided seed funding to get this project off the ground
  • thank you to Michael Guggenheim for welcoming this project at CISP in the Sociology Department at Goldsmiths
  • thank you to Goldsmiths Library for supporting the project
  • thank you to Icons8 for putting free icons out there
  • and thank you to the developers at IOPTIME who have helped me to code the app

I will soon announce when the WAL App will be available for download!


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