Women’s Voices – Listening to Women Artists Speak About their Own Artworks

I’ve spent the weekend working on the WAL App’s content, and particularly a special feature I am excited to include – voice recordings of the women artists speaking about their lives, work and art on their own terms. I must admit I have always loved listening to women speak: because in their voices you hear more than just the story told, because each woman must be given an opportunity to speak and express her own story, and because those stories can often be personal, revealing, emotional, undistilled, or just plainly direct.

In listening to the audio recordings of the seven *amazing* women artists that will feature on the WAL App, I’ve had the privilege to journey with them in the retelling of aspects of their lives, experiences, thoughts, feelings and, of course, artistic endeavours of all kinds – from the traditional to the unexpected, from the big to the small, and from the conscious to that which comes from the unconscious. They’ve filled my weekend with inspiration, joy, deep reflection and a good dose of humour. And on that last note, here is an excerpt of one woman artist’s recording, while in conversation on how she began knitting costumes:

“The first costume came about because I had moved  into a new studio and it was cold that winter. I started knitting a hat, and it was really just knitting a hat to be warm. But somehow, as I was knitting it, it just grew… I thought it would be nice to have pompoms hanging down on strings, but the strings just grew really long and went all the way to the ground. And instead of pompoms it ended up having huge balls on the bottom and so the hat ended up resembling this phallic object. It wasn’t planned that way, it just happened and one day someone came into my studio and they put it on and that’s how that particular piece of work was made. It’s called Life Stages Bobble Hat.” 

Her name and much more to be revealed as the WAL App takes form. Keep coming back for more updates!



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