Coding Apps? Seek Help if Needed!

There are many resources out there that can help you start coding. I wrote about a few in a previous post, including books, advice from successful developers and Meetups. If you have done this and are still stuck for whatever reason – e.g. you have a ‘day job’, it’s too complicated, it’s taking too much time, you’ve never done something like this before etc. – there are other options for you. Here are a few:

  1. Try downloading a free or paid app that you can play with and customise to your desired design.  One site you can use is Chupamobile (thanks to Sam Martin for that tip) but there are many others out there.
  2. Try asking questions in chat rooms, like Stack Overflow. Search around and see which one works best for you.
  3. If you are lucky enough to get some funding for your project, you could hire a developer to help you code aspects of the app. For example, see if Upwork has the developer you need.

In the end, you will need to learn some development skills, particularly if you want to maintain and update the app. Pick what works for you, and know you can get support.

I’ve been lucky on this front too: I’ve found expert developers willing to lend a research project a helping hand, and graphic designers who share their icons out for free. Fingers crossed that this all comes together – keep checking the blog to see how this unfolds!


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