Designing the WAL App

We have gone through several design iterations of the WAL App, considering many factors:

  1. scope of the project,
  2. budget!,
  3. technological possibilities,
  4. (my!) coding and UI skills,
  5. materials for display from the archive,

and so on….

While the final design will remain a surprise to be uncovered at a later date, we can say that designing an app with so many things to think through makes it challenging to develop one that is interesting and engaging. But in the end, we hope that the artists will ‘speak’ for themselves (hint, hint) and that the artwork will engage users imaginations while the app will create opportunities to engage in the art of making art (hint hint).

While we aren’t yet divulging the design, the image above provides a sneak peak at some of art slides we’ve been looking over and planning to include. More to come!