Getting Started with Coding? Seek Advice!

When it comes to learning how to code an app, there are many books out there and a sea of resources – so it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the information available.

Here are a few tips for those who, like me, are in the early phases of learning how to make an app for Apple’s platform:

  1. There is no getting around it – acquaint yourself with Apple’s developer site!  If that seems overwhelming, start by checking out the Apple’s promise that everyone can code and check out the Swift Playgrounds app coming out soon.
  2. Download Xcode and simply start to play with code.
  3. Find a book that suits you. There are many online books that are easily accessible, but if you are like me and need to see words not only in ‘print’ but also on ‘paper’ (the kind where you can write stuff in the white space and physically earmark pages), invest some time at a bookstore flipping through the different books available. I found this book which spoke to my wanting to learn quickly (24 hours sounds great!) but many many hours later I am still ‘teaching myself’ (PS why aren’t women writing these books?):


Lastly, when overwhelmed or stuck: seek advice! I’m lucky to have to have had advice from two super multi-talented women coders: Sam Martin from Warwick University and Phoenix Perry from Goldsmiths’ Computing Department. There are many places you can also seek out your own help, for example, Phoenix Perry mentioned Women Who Code and Sam Martin suggested joining their Meetup sessions, which run locally in London.







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